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Aaron Dugan, Guitar
Reid Taylor, Bass
Nigel Sifantus, Drums

In 2000, while roommates in room no. 717 at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City, drummer Nigel Sifantus, guitarist Aaron Dugan, and bassist Reid Taylor began playing as an improvisational based trio reacting against the creative confines of classical “Jazz school” genre limits. The result was a musical explotion: part noise, part math rock, part theater, all energy.

Their first show at the now defunct legendary lower east side club “Baby Jupiter” in November of 2000 became legendary among the downtown “jazz/not jazz” underground. In 2001, they produced their self-titled studio record and through 2004, performed regularly throughout the NYC area as well as up and down the east coast, hitting what ever dive bar/hole in the wall they could exploit.

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