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DJ’ing From Behind the Drums Part 2 “Twilight of 2010″”


After doing the last track/video “Taste of Blue” introducing my new technique of launching clips and scenes in Ableton live using the Novation Launchpad while playing the drum part live, it opened my mind of the many different types of sounds and styles I could tackle using the same basic setup. I had the idea for this song “Twilight of 2010” bubbling around in my head for weeks when I was sick but didn’t set to experimenting with the actual composition of the song until I had the whole form in focus, a complete departure for me. Normally my tracks evolve as I am producing them and working with the sounds, often coming out much different then I had in mind when I originally opened a blank set. I actually put this whole track/video together from top to bottom in a matter of about two hours. That is the beauty of Ableton live as a composition and performance platform, the musical feedback is immediate so projects can go as fast as your mind can if your approach is already figured out. This song is the most melodic and down-tempo of any of the Progtronica works which opened up a space for a lot of drums. One other thing that is unique for this song is there are no samples used whatsoever, I played all the parts myself using various software synths, and iPhone apps including the “pocket guitar” for the guitar part. Ableton’s new “Amp” simulator effect, just released in the latest update, provided an extra crunchy sound not only for the guitar but the drums and bass as well.

I have been amazed and gratified by the almost immediate internet response to this one after it was posted on Vimeo and YouTube. Syntopia.com made it their Sunday Synth Jam for last week, titling the post the “Futuristic One Man Drum Ninja Band” and saying “Nigel Sifantus delivers an energetic drum/DJ jam”. Then a Danish site called justastudio.net gave it the same title and said “This glitchy live session is nasty and incredible well performed by Nigel Sifantus. The music is called Twillight 2010 and is available as free download…”  They also included the cover image from the “Live For No One” ep and included links to this site. Much appreciated! In the first 48 hours the video had been viewed over 800 times and the Progtronica fans on Facebook doubled in number.

The song itself is more powerful than anything I have done myself in the past and I think it is pointing me further in the musical direction I want to take this: Electronica not contained by sub-genres and retaining the deep primal human element of a non-machine generated beat while keeping a futuristic sonic aesthetic.

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